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A pragmatic idealist on technology, media and entrepreneurship. Capturing the happy, inspirational & interesting moments of my life, sharing insights and thoughts of brilliant people and giving my short and humble opinions on issues from time to time. You can also check my other blog which I put more effort on deeper thoughts on articles about various subjects.



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Vistaprint India Office

A view of the Marina Bay from my office.

Aloft Hotel where I stayed for my onboarding with Vistaprint.

A view from my hotel room @ Aloft Hotel, Lexington, United States.

The Next Step: Vistaprint

Ever since the news of Chalkboard’s shutdown came, I am appreciative and thankful to many people (and even former competitors) who have dropped me a note and came forward to provide their support and help towards where my next steps would be. I enjoyed those conversations and shared with them the lessons learnt from Chalkboard. As for my next steps, I have joined as a Technology Manager, Most of Worlds Business Unit, Vistaprint starting from July 2012. My role is focused on building and managing an engineering team to develop products in the emerging market. Although Vistaprint is a multi-national corporation, the role I am undertaking has an entrepreneurial component that resembles a start-up. For me, it’s a brave new world and I look forward to learn and develop myself for future challenges ahead.

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