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A pragmatic idealist on technology, media and entrepreneurship. Capturing the happy, inspirational & interesting moments of my life, sharing insights and thoughts of brilliant people and giving my short and humble opinions on issues from time to time. You can also check my other blog which I put more effort on deeper thoughts on articles about various subjects.



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The white horse after the @Cavalia performance #Singapore (at Marina Bay Sands)

The paint horse in the @Cavalia stables #Singapore after the performance. (at Marina Bay Sands)

The little pony eating in its little cubicle within the stable where the horses rest after the @Cavalia show #singapore (at Marina Bay Sands)

The saddles for the horses kept in the stable after the @Cavalia show in #singapore (at Marina Bay Sands)

The #Cavalia Rendezvous VIP pass & we are at the bar area dine & wine. (at Marina Bay Sands)

The view of the tents with the Marina Bay Financial Centre skyline #Cavalia (at Marina Bay Sands)

An assortment of #Cavalia horses in the shop area & shopping to get one for our daughter. (at Marina Bay Sands)

Taking my wife out for Cavalia performance & here is a view from the outside as we enter the Remdezvous VIP entrance. (at Marina Bay Sands)

Our new hand made ceramic wine carafe with two wine glasses made by my friends.

The glass staircase in the #Apple store in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. (at Apple Store, Causeway Bay)

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