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A pragmatic idealist on technology, media and entrepreneurship. Capturing the happy, inspirational & interesting moments of my life, sharing insights and thoughts of brilliant people and giving my short and humble opinions on issues from time to time. You can also check my other blog which I put more effort on deeper thoughts on articles about various subjects.



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Great advice from Bill Gates on how success can reduce the hunger in smart people. 

The three ingredients from Henry Ford to know if you are working in a great team. 

Every week I start, my best joy in life is to go to work and know what it is work worth doing. 

Always look to the bright side of life and a beautiful quote about optimism in life from Walt Disney.

Never let age decide whether when and where you should pursue your dream. 

A weekend quote for us to appreciate the things around us and how we just don’t utter words but also live by them thru actions. 

A frog sculpture by the pond near the Children’s water park. #Singapore (at Children’s Playground Gardens By the Bay)

Viewing the Annie Leibowitz exhibition & seeing the many well known photographs in ArtScience Museum #Singapore (at ArtScience Museum)

The parabolic mirror reflecting the ArtScience Museum (at ArtScience Museum)

A lavender water lily on the aquadect below the ArtScience museum (at ArtScience Museum)

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