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This quote by Andy Warhol I saw in the Warhol Museum, Tate Modern many years ago, has often inspired me to think about what creativity really means.

Finally my #Tyrell FX foldable bike arrived. Ready for cycling. (at My Bike Shop At Midview City)

I often use this quote from Einstein on people who are not listening and prefer to do things the same way over and over again. Enjoy the quote. :)

Now I can eat what I have cooked #singapore laska for an relaxing Sunday

The #singapore laska pot is ready for consumption

Hard boiled eggs for the #singapore laska I have cooked

The yellow shen mien (noodles) for the #singapore laska now for cooking

The fish cakes, the crab sticks and fried tofu ready for #singapore laska #cooking

Preparing the ingredients for the Singapore laska at home #cooking

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